Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Always something happening!

A few weeks ago there was a triathlon held at Sunriver, a resort about 20 miles south of Bend. Though it is the middle of summer, lakes over 4000 ft above sea level don't warm up very quickly. I am sure many of the athletes had second thoughts about being there once they waded into Wickiup Reservoir. A few did turn around and swim back a few yards into the swim.

The cycling leg would have been beautiful and overall downhill to the start of the running leg. I didn't get any pictures of the running leg because I went to the wrong spot! Good thing I wasn't running!

There are many such activities around Bend. In a couple weeks there is a major PGA golf tournament at Crosswater Golf Course and last weekend, I think, there was a cycling tour. Taking part in something here would make a great little escape from the daily routines of life.

Sure keeps the tourist dollars flowing in! Absolutely necessary with the decline in the timber industry.
Hello, Tasmania! Are you listening? There is life after timber!


Anonymous said...

I like your photography a lot. I also liked your thoughts on tourist dollars vs the timber industry.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

Jules said...

A very busy active shot - I feel exhausted looking at it!!!!

This is obviously the action-centre of the US!!

Steve Buser said...

Sorry to hear about the timber industry decline. But the tourism industry can be a big boost.

--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo