Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bird Day

Today was a good day for observing birds. They were all quite active. Saw woodpeckers, jays and ospreys. I managed to catch what I think is a nutcracker sitting on a gnarly tree on top of Lava Butte. We used to call them "camp robbers" when I was a kid. If you've ever been camping around here you will know why ... If not, you can probably figure it out!

Not much contrast in this photo but I really like the shape of the tree.


Anonymous said...

The bird blends in with the tree quite well. I don't recognize the bird either so it must be your bird and none of mine. LOL.

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Mme Benaut said...

I agree that that is a fine piece of driftwood and the 'robber' adds to its beauty. Our Rosellas have all had their young and today I counted 12 little ones under the oak tree eating their seed. I think we're breeding quite a colourful colony in Aldgate - you can see some of the Rosellas at ADP a few days back I think. The magpies are nesting and there are little ones there as well. The japonica and camellias are blooming; spring is nearly sprung. Went to the Hyde Park Tavern last night to celebrate 3 birthdays and saw your friends A & S; both looking extremely well - I'm wide awake 'cos M.B is snoring rather loudly!

drpack said...

Is that what I hear! Resounding!
A nice cold foot on the back should take care of it!

Looks like your bird population is doing quite well. Just keep those cats well fed!

Happy Birthday to the party goers!