Thursday, July 12, 2007

A bit of the view

This is the Oregon I love .... mountains, water and trees.
It is summer. Temperatures have been in the high 80s - low 90s.
That's nice now, but can spell disaster later.
If you like to fish, hike/walk, ride, ski, golf, etc, you'd like it here.


M.Benaut said...

Buon Giorno my good friend and a very big hearty welcome to Dailyphoto Blogland!!!
This has come as a complete surprise and it's great to see you and welcome you to the family.
I will put an announcement on my blog to let folks know there's a little bit of Adelaide in Oregon (and vice versa).

Hyde DP said...

welcome to the world of DP

bluechic said...

looks beautiful--and the photo is wonderful.

Margie said...

Is there room at your house for us to come visit?! I've always thought Bend was pretty, but the fishing is better here! Love the Harley too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Denny. You may not remember me since the last time we met was before you went to Austraila. Lou sent me an e-mail about your blog. I enjoyed reading it even though I have been to the Bend area many times. The pictures were great.

Ame said...

Welcome aboard Denny!

Stayed in Bend several years ago at my husband's aunt's timeshare...beautiful part of the country!

You wouldn't happen to know the Atlee's would you? Friends of mine from the Bay Area from looooooooong ago!

Nice bloke you call a friend down in Adelaide too! Hi MB...if you're reading! LOL! ;)

I'll be back!

Ame from Santa Clara

Carol E. said...

Welcome to DP land. I visited Bend once and loved it!