Monday, July 16, 2007

Over and Back. No worries!

To get from Bend to the state capital, Salem (and the Willamette Valley), you must cross the Cascade Mountains .... well, you could go around but that's a very long trip! One popular way to get over the mountains is through the Santiam Pass (elevation 4817 ft). Harley had a great time and loved the fresh air and windy roads .... and averaged a healthy 57+ mpg! Impressive!

Many years ago the majority of roads in this part of the State were paved using the red cinders you see here on the shoulder. The red roads are one thing that stand out in my mind from my childhood days. You could always tell when you were out of the "Valley" (and on the way to a camping holiday) by the color of the roads ... and the sky. I actually took this picture on the way back, so those of you who are geography buffs will recognize the county I'm entering is not in the Valley, and the skies are blue (the Valley is known to “sometimes” have cloudy skies).

The dead trees are a result of a recent forest fire, which they now call "wildfires". There'll be more about those later.

As you get on the Valley side of the Cascades things become much greener. Here we stopped for a break at the town of Detroit, which is located near the top end of Detroit Reservoir. I thought the selection of services and choices was interesting.

By winter the moorings will probably be sitting on dry land and all the boats will be gone. They drain most of the water to make room for the melting snow and rain that usually arrives in the spring, and also to provide a more consistent water supply for the agricultural operations in the Valley and some hydroelectricity.

So the birthday jaunt was a success. I was especially surprised at how much easier the trip back seemed after gaining the experience on the way over. It was very nice catching up with family, but after being away for 20 years there is no hope of keeping the match-ups between parents and kids sorted out! I guess if we are all family it doesn't make much difference who's whose!

I must thank my sister Beverly for getting everything organized … thanks Big Sister!

And thank all of you for your best wishes!


Anonymous said...

Your photographs are beautiful and telling. The one tells a story about the forest burning. It is a shame but given some decent time, the new forest will be much nicer and probably healthier. I like your photograph and your writing.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

lv2scpbk said...

The views must be spectacular.

M.Benaut said...

Thanks for the great description, cobber, and hope the remainder of your birthday week is a ripper.

Lavenderlady said...

We drove that same way on the our way back to Washington. it is a beautiful drive. Glad your Hog performed well.