Thursday, July 19, 2007

Shopping Center Done Right

Now this is what shopping centers could look like. Much of the original vegetation has been retained and local materials were used in the construction. As environmentally friendly as a shopping center can be.

They are even starting to use fewer plastic bags. Though they have a long way to go to catch up with South Australia. I brought several re-usable bags back to the US when I returned in 2006. Each of them cost less than AUS$1 (about US$.60). Until recently the only bags I could find here cost more than US$6.00 each! Since San Francisco has banned plastic bags it is easier to find cheaper bags.

Check out my Favorite Sites to see just how damaging plastic bags are.

Thank you SF!


Mme Benaut said...

My last comment went into cyberspace somewhere - just in case it shows up - this is awesome Dennis and M.B will love it. Might give him some ideas. I love the green roof and all of that lovely honey coloured timber and the stone coursework at the bottom. We could post you over some $1 bags - might be cheaper than the $US6 ones that they are flogging.

Anonymous said...

Nice looking building. Starbucks is evidently a big seller there.

Have a nice weekend.

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Annie said...

My niece signs love songs to me about Bend. Here is a sight she might have seen firsthand. It is a pretty shopping center, much nicer than any I've seen in my part of the world.

About those plastic bags, I wonder what else I'd use to pick up my dog's leavings with when I take him for a walk. I suppose I could carry a scooper, right?

lv2scpbk said...

Looks like a nicer Starbucks than ours. Welcome to the DP photo blog if I haven't told you before.

Today is my 100th post, please stop by.

Neva said...

NIce shopping center! How wonderful that were being environmently friendly!

drpack said...

I do like this style of building. Wish they would do as good a job with residences.
Starbucks is reasonable popular here but not overly. I'll show you my favorite later! At least their premises fit into the setting well.
Thanks for the bag offer mme ... but I brought plenty with me and finally am able to get some less expensive ones locally.
Hope you all have a nice weekend.

travelphilippines said...

hmmm i can see starbucks....yum

Anonymous said...

I worked in Ireland this past spring, a lovely place and people by the way. At least in Dublin (the Capitol City), one has to PAY for bags at the grocery store. The fee isn't that high but it certainly motivated the people of Dublin to bring their own bags. Like stores in the US, stores in Ireland also had reusable bags for sale for about $3-4 US. While there, I finally got into the habit of bringing my own bags something I now do here. Wild Oats, Whole Foods.... will offer reusable bags for sale some more or less expensive than others. You are not required to "use only a certain bag" in a certain store - so you could make your own for cheap. OR use your backpack, this is especially convenient if you decide to walk/bike to the store not drive.

drpack said...

Lately, I have also been getting a "bag refund" for bringing my own bag. When other people notice they also take interest ... even if it is only a few cents.

Be sure to ask.

It's a start. A small but significant difference. It all adds up.