Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Library anyone?

As well as golf, tennis and cycling, there are plenty of things to do on rainy days in Central Oregon (Or even when it's not rainy!). The Deschutes County Library System has some wonderful facilities throughout the county. One of my favorites is the Sunriver Area Branch.
Here is a late afternoon view ...

As well as books, tapes, cds, dvds and free Internet access (WiFi and desktops), the libraries here have music programs and art displays. The "Cafe Libri" series presents live after-hours performances with refreshments provided.

Here are some shots of the current art display at Sunriver.

Quite a change from what libraries were when I was a kid!
Check out their website at www.dpls.us.


willdana said...

Fantastic and what libraries should be about. Maybe schools could be more llike this and actaually represent what the kids and parents are about. Get rid of the No Child Left Behind syndrome imposed by George Bush and focus upon education and learning for the future and one that is not based upon standardised tests that reflect middle class values and ignore the lifeworlds and experiences of our kids.

M.Benaut said...

From Mme:
Looks great D. A nice place to spend a rainy afternoon.

marshall said...


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Marie said...

I love your blog. It gives an impression of authenticity and freshness that we need a lot.

Denton said...

Quick take and post a photo of a street light or sign for City Daily Photo theme day.

drpack said...

Thank you Marie. Helps a person to take another look at their surroundings.
I am enjoying it!