Sunday, August 5, 2007

Progress and Patriotism

Downtown Bend is growing up. Upward and up .... no more a cowboy/logger town.

Now home to lattes, panini and hummus.

Where have all the cowboys and loggers gone? Back to the range and forests?

There's that blue sky again!


Mme Benaut said...

Hi D, the old cowboys have become photographers, like Old Man Lincoln! Foresters? Well, they are probably still in the forest, felling the timber for all that progress.
I just love what you've done with your blog, D. M.B and I might just come to visit one day and stop by Gig Harbour on the way. My dream is to spend Christmas in a ski village and Mt Bachelor looks fantastic!

drpack said...

You're on, mate!
Unfortunately, Mt Bachelor isn't a village but is only 30 minutes from Bend or Sunriver (closer to where I live) ... they could almost be considered villages!
Just wait until the winter photos start!
And, thanks for the compliments.