Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Had a couple visitors the other day. They seem to have arrived a bit later this year, but that could just be my imagination. Mum was in the backyard pruning the vegetation while the kids did the front.

Sadly, today I saw a dead fawn along the road not far from here. I hope it wasn't one of my friends.

Three bucks ventured by a few days earlier. Last year they all arrived at once as a herd. I tried to count them but they kept running back and forth across the front yard (There are thickets on either side). I think there were about 12 in all.

I haven't seen near that many this summer.

Probably a result of all the building that's going on. Progress! Humph! ;-(


Anonymous said...

I love wildlife and deer too but am glad the deer can't come here as I would end up having to see those shot up by hunters and all the misery that goes with seeing sights like that. I like your photo and the narrative with it. Brings back lots of memories.

Brookville Daily Photo-Theme Day

Mme Benaut said...

Oooohh Bambi! He's gorgeous. Thanks, D.

Annie said...

What a beautiful creature, shown nicely in the light of the day.

Anonymous said...

Don't leave the door open ......did you get all your data back?

Cheers Simmo

Ame said...

Hey! Wondered what happened to you!

Hope ya had your helmet on at least!

MOST important protection in a "crash" ya know!


Darling shot too I might add!