Thursday, September 13, 2007

Columbia River Gorge

My trip last weekend also took me down the Columbia River Gorge. Part of the Columbia River forms the border between Oregon and Washington. Its origin actually is in Canada.
Windsurfers worldwide are familiar with this gorge. The frequent and steady winds create some of the best conditions in the world ... and, the water is fresh, as opposed to the sea.
There are numerous dams along the river that provide much of the cheap electricity in this part of the country. The migration of salmon upstream to Canada has had some problems and there are continued efforts to try to improve the situation.
There are many things for tourists to see and do along the gorge and you can find more details with a few Google searches.


Felicia said...

Gorgeous photo & view! Wow, that is a long trip on your motorcycle. Probably nice to get off the bike and enjoy the beautiful views.

M.Benaut said...

Beautiful gorge and stretch of fresh water. Poor old SA is still trying to come to grips with short water supply. Latest news is a desalination plant or 5. I tried my first desalinated water last w/end at Penneshaw.
Mme B.

Ame said...

Simply breath-taking! I was there not too long ago...Multnomah Falls...beautiful!!!

You're doing a great job at making us all jealous with your gorgeous surrounds!

Have a great weekend! Any Harley trips planned?


Barbara Smith said...

The Gorge was of the most beautiful places I've ever been. We also enjoyed stopping at the Fish Hatchery and Bonneville Damn areas. Thanks you for posting these lovely photos.
Barbara Smith
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