Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mt Hood

Harley and I took a little 430 mile jaunt to Washington State last weekend. The occasion was the annual reunion of my Mom's side of the family. Part of our trip too us past Mt Hood and down the Columbia River Gorge.
During the winter these little streams can swell to raging torrents and cause tremendous amounts of damage.

You could step across this river (White River) today, but last winter it washed out a bridge, rolled along boulders as large as a VW and caused the local ski slope (Mt Hood Meadows) to open about a month late. The photos in the news were amazing.

Of course, the real reason I went across the mountains was to see my son and his family ... especially my granddaughter, Emily.
Ain't she a little cutie?


Beetle said...

I like the pretty scenery of your first photo and agreed that your granddaughter is cutie,It always a nice feeling to meet family.Thanks for sharing.

Rambling Round said...

Yes, she is cute! What an amazing weekend. The mountain pictures are breathtaking.

willdana said...

cute little one and neat pics me old mate..come and see us in Texas.

M.Benaut said...

You're definitely getting the hang of being back, old son. Great shots of magnificent scenery.

I always thought you'd have handsome grandchildren. Just runs in the family, obviously.

By the way, you will be needed down under real soon. As you can tell, there's a Kangaroo Island invasion planned for pretty soon. Ken and I have been making preparations. You (and harley) will be needed to cook breakfast, mate. Get on yer bike, as we say !

M.Benaut said...

She's just gorgeous D. You must be so proud. Great photos.
xxx Mme B.

Ame said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww, cutie-patootie!!! Someday maybe I'll have a few of these...the dress-wearin' kind! ;) Lucky Grandpa you are!

And awesome, amazin' shot of that "hill!" WOW!

Finally strappin' on the ol' helmet this Sunday and hittin' the backroads on "my" HD! Big bunch of guys with their "YOUNG Ladies!" I refuse to be older than my guy...specially when I'm NOT!



ArizonaDB said...

Its amazing how river can change based on the season. We have something called "washes" here in Arizona that arent really rivers or streams because they are dry most of the year, however they can fill up extremely quickly during a monsoon rainstorm. Of course each year we get some idiots who think their big trucks can get thru and end up getting washed away. Last year they created the Stupid Driver Law (http://www.motorleasecorp.com/Stupid%20Driver%20law_news.asp). It says that if you try to drive across one of these flooded washed and get washed away and have to be rescued, you not only have to pay for expenses of the rescue you also have to pay a fine, which I have heard is not small. Anyway, great pics, and have a great weekend.

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