Friday, September 7, 2007

Prineville Reservoir

A couple weeks ago Harley and I travelled to Prineville Reservoir, about 25 miles NE of Bend. It's amazing how quickly the pine trees disappeared and the true desert vegetation took over.
Prineville Reservoir is formed by the damming of the Crooked River (You'll see more of that later ... and you'll see why it's called "Crooked"!). Even with all the water, only plants adapted to the dry conditions prevail. The main trees here are junipers. Their odor is a distinct feature. Opens up those sinuses! There are numerous campgrounds at the reservoir and along the Crooked River as it winds its way toward the town of Prineville. I think the fishing here is pretty good ... hope to try it out before winter sets in. I took this picture mainly because of the little sign on the upper left hand corner of the notice board ...

"Rattlesnakes in area" .... also a feature of the desert environment. Just make sure you watch where you put your feet ... and tent!

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M.Benaut said...

Those rattlesnakes used to terrify me - just watching old TV westerns. Still shuddering ...
We went to Kangaroo Island for the weekend and very luckily had perfect weather. You know Ken's place in Penneshaw. You can expect to see some lovely photos on M.B's blog over the next few days.
xxx D from Mme