Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Straight from the "squirrels mouth"!

" Hey, drpack! Just read your blog from yesterday. Good point!

Hang on and I'll come down and show your readers what you were talking about ...

We need food like these pine cones. They store really well.
In the winter we can't get out to gather any food ... the snow is too deep and everything is frozen.
Remember last winter, that day when it was -19 out!
That's Brass Monkey weather! Not exposing mine in those conditions!

Well, got to get back to work! Nights are already getting cold and I still haven't got all my winter supplies put away! Been dodging too many of those darn cats!"

(Thought it was amazing to see this guy outside my dining room window today. He seemed a bit nervous about giving the interview, though! drpack)


Anonymous said...

Nice set of photos. You did very well and the writing is good too.

Abraham Lincoln
Just My Birds Blog
Brookville Daily Photo

willdana said...

As a squirrel from wayback..how would humans like it if I sat there as they entered a restaurant and fed their kids chocolate and ice cream. All these people do is feed my kids and teach them that they can hang around and do nothing. Everything just comes to them. One problem...come winter all the do gooders hide away in their warm Condos and forget about my kids...Ha sound familiar...

M.Benaut said...

From Mme:
These photos are terrific D! He is so cute. I adore wildlife as you know and although we don't have squirrels, we have possums and a possum nest way up in our sequoia tree. We have little sugar gliders too although one has to be very fast to see them. Doesn't look like we're going to get to Oregon this Xmas as my surgeon said that I can't ski until next winter (ours) as the bones in my spine are still growing. Bad luck! Still, there's always the following Christmas and I'll be working on Ian to make the trip.