Monday, October 15, 2007

Eastern Oregon - Day 3

We spent a night at the Frenchglen Hotel. Lovely atmosphere and a very nice country style meal.
They close for the winter on Nov 1 ... so you better hurry if you're going this year!
Here are a couple pictures of an old barn across the street from the hotel.
The early settlers had it tough. A testament to the harsh climate.
The desert still prevails.
A few weeds looking prepared for the winter!
These are quite common around the state ... just can't remember their name!


M.Benaut said...

The East Oregon series of photos are fantastic, D. Even the weeds are spectacular! I can't wait to see the winter photos - so wish that we were coming your way for Christmas instead of going to Sydney. Perhaps next year (sigh). xxx Mme Benaut.

HoodPhotography said...

I love the collapsed barn. Very cool.

Bend Economy Man said...


Aren't those just thistles?