Thursday, October 18, 2007

Eastern Oregon - Day 4

One of the things that surprised me when we got up into the Steens, was the Aspens replacing the pines.
The addition of all the color was beautiful.
The lower slopes, where it was drier, still had a few junipers.
As you changed altitude, though, the differences in tree species was quite remarkable.

Our next stop was Fish Lake. This would be a good place to go camping ...
there were only 2 other campers there!Apparently it is a popular ice fishing spot in the winter.
People ride their snowmobiles in for a spot of fishing.
I could do that!


chumly said...

Yep, I could that too.

ArizonaDB said...

Because I've enjoyed your blog so much, you've been TAGGED to reveal 8 random things about yourself; see my Flagstaff Daily Photo for details on the 10/23 post!

Windmill said...

Hey drpack--Thanks for posting on my blog ( You must have discovered it using Bend Oregon as a search parameter. You have great pix on your blog. Thanks for sharing. Ride safe!

A said...

Beautious Doc! Gorgeous shots...I simply HAVE to get my "real" Cybershot fixed...enough of this CRAPPY make-do-cellphone!!! GRRRRRRRRR!

And yep...still around...just spent the weekend up in the Sierras...stayed in a sweet little A-frame (fully equipped, friend is a General Contractor too!) cabin Saturday nite and had an awesome brunch in a teeny little town called Dutch Flat. Ate at the Dutch Flat Hotel where b'fasts are 'donation only' priced cuz they're only open on weekends...some wierd regulation! Isn't that cool?

Will send ya some pix later!

How's the bike?