Thursday, October 25, 2007

Eastern Oregon - Day 5

Man! Where does the time go?
Can't believe it's been a week since my last post ...
Hey! 2 months until Christmas! Anyway, back to the trip!
It was now time to drive to the top of the Steens .... here is our destination.
The Steens were formed by faulting many years ago.
The range is a large mass that was uplifted relative to the area to the east, which is the Alvord Desert.
You can't see it from here.
We are driving up the gentler side of the range.
Yes, that is snow creating all the white!
Along the way we saw a couple herds of antelope.
They must have known hunting season was approaching ...
no standing around gawking at tourists!
Well, except for one. He must not be the sharpest buck in the herd ...
wonder how he lost one of his antlers?
(I guess antelope have antlers and not horns??)
We eventually made it to the top of Kiger Gorge.
It was formed by glaciers during the last ice age ... the notch on the right is a hanging valley.
They call it the Gun Sight.
(You can tell what people here do for "recreation"!)
I did mention it snowed, didn't I?


M.Benaut said...

D, I love the last photo with the hanging valley in the background. Did I mention that I love snow? And ice? And how beautiful everything looks in the sunlight when it is frozen?
xxx Mme Benaut xxx

M.Benaut said...

Hey buddy where are you? Why aren't you posting?
Mme Benaut xx