Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Winter is coming!

I don't know if I'm ready for this, but we've already had our first snowfall ... about 3 weeks early! That's Mt Bachelor with several inches of snow ... and it looks like the snow level is going to drop to within 1000 ft of me tonight!
To cope with the cold temperatures around here, many people use wood to heat their homes. Yesterday I went out to collect a trailer load. Luckily for me, they (the Forest Service) have opened a new cutting area relatively close to my place. Here's the load I collected. It was the fourth for the year ... hopefully it will be enough!

The next step is to get it home and stack it close to the door where you will be bringing it into the house. Here in the NW we have become very good at stacking our wood. My friends in Australia, where I also heated with wood, used to marvel at my wood pile! A real work of art!
Think I might put a gas stove in my new house!
Getting too old for this much hard work!


A said...

Impressive pile indeed Doc! You're a great hauler and stacker! Must be a good hunter and gatherer too, LOL! ;))))

And my ride! Wait! Did I already mention it? Was a few weekends ago with a big group?

Had a BLAST!!!

Can't wait for my chaps...might get to go out this weekend again, YAY!!!

Silly Bugger MOI!

Ame said...


You're BEHIND!


PS: Still haven't rec'd my chaps yet! BOOHOO! =( LOL! I'm sure they'll come today! =)))

Ame said...

Hey Ben Dover! (HAHAHA, couldn't resist, sorry! I'm having "restraint" issues Doc!) ;)))

I caught up, come check it out!!!

Your turn! Come on, one-up me with some awesome mountainous snow shot again!


M.Benaut said...

Don't do it D. Fires are much more romantic than gas! xxx Mme Benaut

HoodPhotography said...

Funny... just the other day it was so cloudy and rainy that you could not see Mt Hood from Portland. When it appeared again after the stormy weather, it was all white! Sounds like Bachelor had the same thing hit it!