Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm back!

Sorry I've been away! Been busy and the weather is getting very wintery!
My son came to visit a couple days ago and this is what his car looked like this morning!
We had about a foot (30cm) of new snow over night ... and it's snowing heavily again now.
That's my driveway!

What have I been busy doing?
I've been trying to get a shed built before the winter weather sets in ... didn't make it!
Here's what my efforts looked like this morning ...
Don't know if you can imagine working with wood in temperatures below freezing ...
have to prise the frozen boards apart so you can work with them!
I don't think I'll get too worried about finishing before "winter" ...
might just take it easy and enjoy the experience.
There are massive amounts of construction going on in this area so you can appreciate the efforts of all the construction workers.
They do it pretty hard at times.
No worries about a white Christmas here, though!


M.Benaut said...

Howdy Dennis, it's great to see you back.
The snow looks awesome and so does the shed. It's a credit to you.
Can you say what species of timber you are using in its construction? And what material you will use for the roofing.
I hope it won't get covered in 10 ft, of snow !!

drpack said...

Most of the wood around here is Douglas Fir. I think it's what they call "Oregon" in Australia (logical?). Easy to work with, strong but not too heavy. The upright posts are 6"x6"x16' pressure treated timbers. I'll cover the roof with metal (Hey! I did live in Oz for 20 yrs!) and the walls with a type of plywood called T-111.
If the snow gets too deep I'll just have to wait until spring! I do have a "snow thrower", though. Might get some pictures soon.