Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More Entertainment

Those of you from countries outside the US may not realize how controlled gambling is here.
Until recently, about the only place you could find casinos in the US were in Nevada and New Jersey.
But, in the last 20 years (since I left and returned), Native American Indian tribes have been allowed to build casinos on their lands.
Kla-Mo-Ya Casino was opened in 1997 by the Klamath Indian tribes. Its name is derived from the three tribes that make up the Klamath Tribe ... the Klamath, Modoc and Yahooskin Band of the Snake Indians.
The casino is located about 90 minutes south of here ... and has plenty of RV parking!
It certainly has helped the Indian nations become economically self-sufficient.
Just as a special note ...
It was very pleasing to see the new Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, finally acknowledge and apologise to the Australian Aborigines on behalf of the Australian Government, for the treatment they endured from 1869-1969 that created the "Stolen Generations".
Good on-ya Mr Rudd!


M.Benaut said...

Looks like the snow is melting, D.!
xxx Mme

N & R said...

Hey there....
Good to see that you have ventured out and about downunder. Marveloous country Oz...but we do miss Bends wonderful climate...hmm...snow.
Its been 4 long years since we were there and need to get back...hey I hear there are 83 aussies living in the Bend area???? true???

Cheer n beers
Neal & Robbie