Friday, February 1, 2008

Still snowing!

The weather report calls for another 6-8" of snow tonight. I've been shoveling the snow off my roof, where about 24" has accumulated. My 240Z, which has had to move outdoors because I'm building a new shed, isn't doing so well, either. That's it below! Poor baby! Trying to walk in this stuff is impossible without snow shoes.

Here's me standing in a spot where my snow thrower has been ...

It really is that deep!

Can't wait to see what things are like tomorrow!


Hyde DP said...

and here we are moaning about a few inches which has got the whole country in a state of panic!

willdana said...

And we think its cold Texas

M.Benaut said...

Ha ha, I recognise that face! The snow looks absolutely gorgeous although I appreciate the difficulty in trying to walk on, through or over it. I'd leave work on the shed until spring if I were you - perhaps settle down in front of the fire with a few good books.
xxx Mme B

M.Benaut said...

Howdy, cobber. You used to look a bit taller than that.
Can't you get the 240Z into the house. Looks like you may never see it again !!
OK, now I get it. the Harley is in the lounge-room.
You sure need that shed, old son !!

drpack said...

Alas, the poor 240Z will just have to get used to Oregon weather!
The Harley is safely stored away ... not quite in the lounge-room ... but thought about it!