Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bend Winterfest

Winters are never boring! Just because it's cold doesn't mean you have to stay home!
If you shovel your snow in the right direction you can build your own ski slope ...
Invite a few friends over for a little competition ...
(Sorry about the lighting!)
Throw on some fireworks to celebrate the occasion ...And party all night to AC-DC ...Well, they may be a bit hard to import ... so invite Hell's Belles and let them pay tribute!
What's that you say?
My ears are still ringing!
Thank you, Bend Winterfest organizers!


willdana said...

all you need is a slab of fosters and a barbie to make it feel like home .....

drpack said...

No worries, Mate!
And some "Stubbies" and a singlet!

M.Benaut said...

Crikey ! Dennis,
It's minus 20° and you guys are sitting in a tent with the arctic wind blowing thru. And the guitariste on the left has forgotten her trousers.
I simply don't know how you do it, mate !
Hell's Belles are certainly made of sterner stuff.
Anycase you certainly know how to enjoy yourselves.
Crumbs, the beer must have been frozen.
You wouldn't need the Paul Hogan coolite Esky, nor a stubby-holder either !

Ben said...

Hey there,

I have a question for you about the Hell's Belles photo.

Would you mind sending me an e-mail at timberindustry (at) gmail (dot) com? I'd appreciate it very much...


Ben said...

Hey there fella...I wrote you back. Check it out...thanks.