Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Three Sisters

Just another typical winter's day in Central Oregon!

But, don't be deceived by the clear sky!
The temperature is still near freezing!

Let me introduce to you the Three Sisters, just west of Bend.
The biggest on the right is the North Sister. The one just left of middle is the South Sister and the one between them (close to the North Sister) is the Middle Sister!
Imaginative names, you say?
The early Mennonite pioneers were a little more inspired by their new-found land.
They called them Faith, Hope and Charity.

They probably had a few other thoughts when it came to thinking about crossing the Cascades!


Kim said...

Wow, so crystal clear. The sisters look spectacular. I know them from the town of Sisters, which hosts an outdoor quilt show every summer. The foreground reminds me of parts of the Mojave! Great image,
Seattle Daily Photo

drpack said...

A good reminder that this area is a desert ... something, apparently, the golf course approvers tend to forget. Must be hard to see through all those $$$$!
I hope to have some pics of the Sister's Quilt Show later on. Apparently, it's one of the best around. Looking forward to the event.