Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dog Sled Trips

Need something else to do in the winter?
How about a scenic ride in a dog sled?
And, why not make it even more exciting ... go with a musher who is legally blind!

Rachael Scdoris is a 20 year old local girl who competed in the Iditarod, a race between Anchorage and Nome, Alaska ... a mere 1,100 or so miles. It's easy to find info about it on the Internet.
Being legally blind is an additional challenge to this gruelling event.
Rachael and her dog team didn't finish the race but completed nearly 1000 miles before deciding her dogs were suffering too much and would not be able to make it the last 100 miles.
Nice to see the dogs are well looked after.
Well done, Rachael!

Rachael and her dad run dog sled trips at Mt Bachelor on the weekends.

You can't see much from within the tree-lined trails, but the experience has to be worth it
... if you don't mind looking up a dog's bum the whole way!

The dogs they use are some of the nicest dogs I've seen.
I know several people who own "retired" Scdoris dogs and they all have the most gentle nature.
Might have to get one myself one day.


Ineke said...

i definitely have that on my to do list before i die:)
Not necessarily with Rachel though.
Great post and yes, i would also love to have own of those dogs.

Margie said...

Those black and tan dogs look like the ones around here, we call them Hoonah hounds! We dog sat one for a friend, we could not take that dog for a walk, we had to road run it at 20 miles an hour, in the snow! Those puppies are FAST! Be sure to get video of your trip :)

MmeBenaut said...

Hey D. Beautiful photos and I congratulate Rachael for putting her dogs before winning. 1,000 miles is an incredible feat. I've not heard of Scdoris dogs before but you can bet your bottom dollar that right after I've been ski-ing, I'm going for a dog sled ride.

drpack said...

I haven't actually been on a ride myself but will one day. You know how you are with things that are too handy!
The dogs, I think, are officially called Alaskan Huskies. I just refer to them as "Scdoris" because they were sled dogs used by the Scdoris family.
The neighbour behind me has one that sits by the back fence in the morning and watches me in the kitchen window! He loves it when it snows!

babooshka said...

Whatever they are they are beautiful dogs, and what a journey. Racheal's journey was very courageous and a 1000 miles alone is an awesome achievement. Great post.