Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pond Skimming!

A few weeks ago, Harley and I headed off to Mt Bachelor
to watch the events signifying the closing of the ski season.
It was a beautiful day ...
a week or two later we had freezing temperatures and more snow!
The new road is super! Harley loved the wind in his ... well, what ever
the wind blew through!
The main event is something called "Pond Skimming".
Participants snowboard or ski down a small slope and
try to make it across a pond of ice cold water!
Not many make it!


Small City Scenes said...

We used to have an event like that, here on Mt. Baker. It was called the Slush Bowl. I wonder why it went away? Great pics. MB

Keeneye said...

Wow. Great photos. You must have been close enough to get wet! :)