Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Brothers, Oregon

One Sunday, not long ago, the weather was so nice I just couldn't stay home and tackle those jobs I'd put off from other days when the weather was so nice I couldn't stay home!
The sky was so clear I ventured into Bend and up Pilot Butte to have a look.
I think this was the best Mt Hood had looked in a long time.
Mt Hood is Oregon's highest peak at 11,237 feet, 3,426 m and is home of Timberline Lodge, Mt Hood Meadows Ski Resort, several other ski areas and numerous lakes and hiking trails.
It is about 45 miles east of Portland and, being a volcano, last erupted about 180 years ago.
Once I had absorbed as much of the view as I could handle, I decided to visit my friends Jeanette and Alan (seen skiing in previous postings).
Since they are also motorcycle enthusiasts, and I was on my Harley, we decided to go for a little ride.
Where we ended up after a couple hours of wandering around the country side, was a little town on Highway 20 about 45 miles east of Bend, called Brothers.Brothers Stage Stop is about the only business operating and afforded us a little lunch.
You can see it is a great spot for multitasking! Saloon, Post Office, Cafe and ...
Jail? Think that was just for show!
Guess it could be handy having the jail next to the saloon!
I thought the signs on the bathrooms were quite interesting.
"Customer Use Only"
Like, who else is going to be here?
That's Jeanette and Alan availing themselves of the shade.
After lunch and a little look around, it was time to hit the road back to Bend.
That's the Three Sisters straight ahead!
Is it safe to come between sisters and brothers?
It was a nice way to spend an afternoon.
I'll show you the other bits of local interest in another posting ...
You might have to remind me!


Nathalie said...

Had to laugh at your comment about the use of the toilets!

Nathalie said...

The last photo is amazing. Is always that green or does it get very dry later in the summer?

babooshka said...

The toilets thing was a scream. Amazing photography, the wide opens spaces and I partiuarly like the first one. That's a fantastic overview.

drpack said...

Nothing like wide open spaces! It definitely doesn't stay this green. The vegetation is mainly a sage brush type of plant.
It is hard to beat the light of Oz!

MmeBenaut said...

What a great day you had D. I'm so glad you're back posting and enjoying your Summer, snow peak and all.