Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Log House Update

Wow ... been over a year since my last post ... have done too many things to include here, except the progress I made on the log house.

Here are a few of the latest photos:

The outside has been stained and sealed ...
all ready for winter!

The inside has been insulated from head ...

to toe ...

And from the road ... very nice!

Now, for the next 2 years I'll be volunteering
on the island of Tarawa in the country of Kiribati ...
that's in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!
Check it out on Google Earth ...
my house is just to the west of the Parliament building!
I'll leave that up to you to find.
I hope to be blogging from there ... in about a month.


paul said...

what a beautiful log home

best wishes in tarawa

drpack said...

Thanks Paul

M.Benaut said...

Not too many blokes can swim to the Parliament every day old son.

We will be watching and listening with the greatest interest.

Get that camera goin' mate and connect with the outside world as soon as you can.

Ripper, Dennis !!!